Professional Development Program Update 2023

New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services is committed to providing professional development support to all interested ACS employees. We demonstrate our commitment to education by supporting staff who are interested in pursuing their undergraduate or graduate-level studies at accredited colleges and universities affiliated with ACS in N.Y. State while maintaining their employment. The Professional Development Program (PDP) provides all levels of support to ACS employees who are considering or actively pursuing undergraduate or graduate-level studies. For a list of schools click here.

ACS Provider Agency Scholarship Program

Effective fall 2023, ACS will provide scholarship opportunities and educational consultation services to staff members employed by ACS-contracted provider agencies offering preventive and foster care services. PDP will provide consultation on educational support services offered by the provider agencies. Eligibility requirements include: two years of satisfactory job performance; current performance evaluation of Very Good or Outstanding; no pending disciplinary action; and up to a two-year commitment to their respective place of employment post-graduation. For more information on the Provider Agency Scholarship Program, please click here. (LINK TBD)

PDP Educational Support Services

The following PDP educational support services are available to eligible Workforce Institute employees:

  • Individual and group coaching and support throughout your educational journey.
  • Assistance with field placement/internships applying to colleges and universities.
  • Negotiation of agency-approved release time for graduate-level students to attend classes.
  • Assistance with Field Placement/Internships for employees pursuing their MSW degree.
  • Capstone support and advisement.

PDP administers the ACS Scholarship Program, which is comprised of the Dr. James R. Dumpson Scholarship for graduate-level studies and the Nicholas Scoppetta Scholarship for undergraduate-level studies. We also support the continued professional development of licensed social workers at ACS and provider agencies.

Eligible undergraduate programs include B.A. or B.S. in Social Work, Youth Studies, Human Services, and/or equivalent and relevant degrees. Eligible graduate programs include Master of Social Work (MSW), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master in Youth Studies, Master of Public Policy, Master of Urban Policy Analysis and Management, or an approved equivalent.


Application for PDP Services & ACS scholarship

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Get In Touch

For additional information, please email the PDP at or contact Aisha Dixon at

The ACS Workforce Institute’s Professional Development Program is committed to supporting the professional development of social workers and staff members by providing the following professional development opportunities:

  • LMSW test prep workshops
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Writing and interviewing workshops
  • Supervision in Field Education (SIFI)