Effective Writing Skills

This eLearning program aims to improve the writing of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice professionals by providing instruction and practice in basic writing skills. During this training, learners review subject-verb agreement, active voice and writing clearer sentences by avoiding filler words and buried verbs. Finally, learners receive hands-on practice applying the lessons of the training to rewrite poorly constructed sentences.


Who Should Attend?

All levels of staff working in Child Protection, Juvenile Justice, Prevention or Foster Care services, and provider agencies.


Course Benefits

Learners will:

  • Be able to analyze sentences for subject-verb agreement.
  • Be trained to apply active voice when constructing sentences.
  • Be able to write concise sentences to improve readability.


Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Course Components

Once enrolled in the course, learners will complete a 30-minute eLearning course. Completion of all components is necessary to receive a Certificate of Completion.


Continuing Education Units

There are no CEUs associated with this course.



Register for this course by logging in to Cornerstone, browse for the course name and complete all information.  For more information about the ACS Workforce Institute, please contact the Help Desk at WIhelpdesk@acs.nyc.gov or call (212) 748-1898.


Download the course flyer