Micro-Video #4: CARES: Risk Aversion in CARES

This micro-video defines risk aversion and how it can impact the decision to offer a family a less intrusive intervention. This video aims to impress upon staff that playing it safe is not a viable strategy when determining whether a family is chosen for the Collaborative Assessment, Response and Support (CARES) approach.


Who Should Attend?

All staff working in Child Welfare.


Course Benefits

Learners will:

  •  Be able to describe how confronting risk positively impacts decision-making. They will also identify strategies that align with building a safety culture.


Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Course Components

Once enrolled in the course, learners will complete:

  •  A nine-minute micro-video.

Completion of all components is necessary to receive a Certificate of Completion.


Continuing Education Units

There are no CEUs associated with this course.



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