Executive Coaching Program

The Executive Coaching program supports senior leaders on a short-term basis by preparing them for their day-to-day management responsibilities as well as their role in leading organizational transformation. Participants focus on identifying areas of strength and development and will work with Executive Coaches to build their confidence and enhance their leadership skills.

Once senior leaders apply, they will be matched with an Executive Coach and have an opportunity to engage in six one-hour individual coaching sessions focused on leadership development, coaching support, and developing action strategies. Upon completion of their six coaching sessions, senior leaders will complete the post-coaching evaluation.


The Executive Coaching program will support senior leaders in their
work to:

  • Build emotional intelligence to manage challenging situations that impact their performance as leaders. 
  • Improve their leadership skills and approach to better meet the needs of their staff.  
  • Create a safe organizational culture that promotes equity and the development of strong and cohesive teams that can successfully work together. 
  • Enhance their decision-making skills to support effective communication to increase their impact. 

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