Building Bridges TOT

This learning program aims to provide learners with a deeper understanding of the feelings and needs of parents who have children in foster care. Learners may discover ideas and suggestions for building alliances between parents who have children in foster care and the foster parents caring for their children — that transform the experience for both parties. At the same time, a positive alliance may reduce trauma and promote the well-being of the children. Learners explore firsthand accounts of these parents’ experiences and listen to their advice on what foster parents and agency staff can do to effectively share parenting. Additionally, learners discuss common barriers in shared parenting and strategies to overcome them. Satisfactory completion of this train-the-trainer workshop certifies learners to conduct the three-hour Building Bridges curriculum on a virtual platform.


Who Should Attend?

Foster Care and adoptive caseworkers, supervisors, Homefinders, directors of social services agencies, and agency administrators working in ACS provider agencies.


Course Benefits

Learners will:

  •  Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct the Building Bridges program for foster parents and staff.
  •  Observe and practice effective facilitation skills for adult learning.
  •  Access the curriculum, PowerPoint and videos to conduct Building Bridges programs.


Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Course Components

Once enrolled in the course, learners will complete:

  •  A 4-hour, virtual, instructor-led workshop training.

Completion of all components is necessary to receive a Certificate of Completion.


Continuing Education Units

There are no CEUs associated with this course.



To register or receive more information please contact Helen Shin at For more information about the ACS Workforce Institute, please contact the Help Desk at or call (212) 748-1898.


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